Zuckerberg Shares His Halloween Photos With The World

Mark Zuckerberg posted a photo of him handing our full candy bars to trick-or-treaters with Priscilla Chan.

Mark Zuckerberg as the Candy Man?

Not quite but if this Facebook wall photo is anything to go by, his house was one of the more generous dispensers of candy in Palo Alto on Halloween night. While many people opt for packets of “fun-size” bars, this picture shows the Facebook founder and his friends with bowls of full-size chocolate bars and the caption “kids love whole candy bars”. It’s not clear whose house it is from the photo alone but all becomes clear with the first comment that says “you’re *that* house!” and Zuckerberg’s immediate reply of “exactly”.

In the comments Zuckerberg says that “lots of kids ask us how many they can take” but then adds: “They’re well behaved. Each kid has only taken one bar so far.”

Some of the more famous commenters included Digg founder Kevin Rose who said “i would always go back to *that* house several times a night, slightly changing my costume” and tech commentator Robert Scoble who said “I’m SO taking my kids to your house next year! :-)”.

A few people goaded Zuckerberg for his lack of a Halloween costume, though one said: “That guy holding the bowl of the candy has an *awesome* Mark Zuckerberg costume on. :>)”

The photo was uploaded by Zuckerberg. It’s unclear to me why it’s open for public viewing, when his profile page is not. Maybe it was a mistake? Or maybe it set it to public to show what a great guy he is? Whatever, I enjoyed it. I’m sure the trick-or-treaters did too.

Photo from Zuckerberg’s Facebook wall.