What Every Social Media Marketer Should Know About Zuberance Advocate

LogoThe Zuberance Advocate Platform is a social marketing platform focused on Brand Advocates to help companies identify and mobilize their Brand Advocates, plus track results of Advocate marketing programs in real-time. The Zuberance Advocate Platform consists of integrated Advocate Apps, Advocate Analytics and Advocacy Engine. Companies use the platform to mobilize their Brand Advocates to amplifying positive word of mouth and increase qualified leads, traffic and sales.

After the jump – what you need to know about the Zuberance Advocate Platform.

The application in a sentence

Delivered as a hosted service, the Zuberance Advocate Platform enables companies to systematically identify and mobilize their Brand Advocates, plus track results of Advocate marketing programs in real-time.

Ways the product benefits social media campaigns

Most social media marketing programs focus on enabling companies to listen to what is being said about them and their competitors on the social web and/or engage customers on Facebook or elsewhere on the social web via games, promotions and contests. The Zuberance Advocate Platform goes beyond listening and engagement, with the goals of making it easier for Brand advocates to share promotional offers with their social networks and reduce the costs of customer acquisition.

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Feature rundown

The Zuberance Advocate Platform is a complete system that includes:

  • Hosted Advocate Apps
    • Advocate Ratings and Reviews
    • Advocate Stories
    • Advocate Answers
    • Advocate Offers
    • Advocate ID
  • Advocate Analytics
    • Click and conversion tracking
    • Impression tracking
    • Lead tracking
    • Advocate profiles
    • Z Scores (% of energized Advocates vs. identified Advocates)
  • Advocacy Engine
    • Smart Publishing Engine
    • Advocate Algorithms
    • Scale Services
    • Tracking

User profile

Midsize and large B2C and B2B companies in verticals where word of mouth recommendations drive purchase decisions and brand perceptions such as automotive, consumer electronics, computers and software, hotels, media and entertainment, food and beverage, fashion and apparel, and telecommunications.

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Companies may choose from a monthly service fee, a performance-based pricing arrangement (CPC, CPL, CPA, CPM) or a combination of these two pricing models.

Compared to competition

According to the company, “The Zuberance Advocate Platform stands out in three key ways:

  1. First social marketing platform focused on Brand Advocates.
  2. First social marketing platform that delivers measurable ROI (leads, sales) – users report up to 10X ROI.
  3. Complete Brand Advocate system (vs. social media app or widget) including powerful, real-time Advocate analytics/reporting.”

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