Zoho Writer Gets an Upgrade

zoho_writerIt takes a brave person to stand up and stare down Microsoft and Google. Sridhar Vembu, founder of online software suite destination Zoho, remains unafraid.

The latest enhancements out of Camp Zoho are some major upgrades to online word processing tool Writer.

Previous users will notice that the entire menu toolbar has been revamped.
The ‘MenuTab’ mirrors the functionality you are likely accustomed to from traditional desktop office software (a la Microsoft Word). Click on a menu item and the window will expand, revealing second-level options.

Other new features include search functionality, collaborative editing, and a word and character count in the status bar.

Zoho accepts both Google and Yahoo IDs, making it easy for people you know to easily edit and share the same documents.

As much as I enjoy Zoho Writer (and Google Docs), I still find myself writing in computer-based programs (this is being typed in Notepad). I do, however, use the aforementioned tools to archive and save my drafts so I can access them anywhere.

It’s hard to tell if Web-based programs will ever force the extinction of their computer counterparts. But one thing that is certain is that Zoho will continue to turn up the heat and do whatever it takes to convert users.