ZionEyez Is Developing Glasses That Stream Video To Social Networks

We all have shared a picture or two and maybe a little video on social networks, but far fewer of us have shared live video, although apps like Qik and Ustream make it possible. ZionEyez thinks one of the reasons why people don’t share video is because it is too difficult to record using smartphones or cameras, and therefore is developing a pair of glasses that has an embedded 720p camera.

In addition to the embedded camera, the Eyez glasses has 8 GB of Flash memory to store video, and can transfer video using Bluetooth to PCs and smartphones. ZionEyez intends to release a smartphone and tablet app that will receive the video transfer from the glasses and then stream it to social network sites. The glasses also will have a WiFi radio and will be able to connect to PCs via a Micro USB cable, which will also be used to charge the glasses.

In terms of the glasses themselves, they have UVA/UVB lenses that can be removed and replaced with perscription or clear lenses. The frames appear to have the classic sunglass design. ZionEyeze is currently accepting pre-orders for $149.99 per pair, with a $50 discount off the regular price of $199.99. No ship date has been provided for the Eyez glasses.