Ziff Davis Launches BuyerBase

Ziff Davis has launched BuyerBase, a new ad targeting product, which the company claims will help advertisers reach over 40 million technology buyers across the Internet.

With BuyerBase, Ziff will amass audience data from its own sites (which include PCMag.com and ExtremeTech.com), with user data from 100-plus tech shopping and niche content sites (many of which are exclusive deals). Then, it will purchase ad inventory on multiple ad exchanges purportedly to reach specific in-market tech shoppers in real time as they surf the Internet.

For example, a user who has researched motherboards on ExtremeTech.com and then priced them out on various shopping sites could then be targeted with an ad within days when they check their e-mail.

“This is probably the first vertically driven data platform of this kind,” said CEO Vivek Shah. “This to me is a game changer for the company.”

Ziff does not plan on using BuyerBase to monetize its own inventory, according to Shah. In fact, ad sales for the company’s owned-and-operated properties were up 40 percent in 2010.

But expanding into the data business is crucial for publishers to survive in this era of inventory abundance—particularly for niche publishers with limited scale, Shah contends. “Leveraging data to inform display advertising is where the business is heading,” he said. “I don’t know what other path there is.”

In addition to BuyerBase, Ziff Davis has acquired the technology deal and coupon site LogicBuy.com for an undisclosed sum. Ziff plans to feature LogicBuy.com offers within product listings on many of its owned-and-operated sites, as well as on other sites across the Web via BuyerBase, said Shah.