Zemanta Will Try to Make Blogging Fun Again

zlogo.gifBlogging has become such a daunting task for many. With the explosion of blogging not only as a medium of expression but as a medium for information dissemination and learning, bloggers are now face with serious task at hand, and that is making their blogs as relevant and as useful as possible. Sadly, the fun of blogging is starting to fade out. And this is what Zemanta will try to do, to bring back the happy days of blogging.

Zemanta is not a blogging platform but rather an extension that plugs in to your blogs be it a WordPress, TypePad and Blogger hosted blog or self-hosted blog in your own domain.

The fun part starts after you have installed Zemanta on your respective blogs. The next time you compose a post, Zemanta will start suggesting links to related contents on the web which you can link to in your post, and links to Flickr photos which you can embed in your blog posts. Yes folks, Zemanta eliminates the time-consuming task of scourching the web for relevant links that you need to add in your posts. It works similarly with the WordPress plug-in Yahoo Shortcuts.

Some say it’s the lazy man’s way of blogging. But I say time is gold, and if you can save a lot of time by the links and photos that Zemanta suggests why not.

And once blogging becomes easy again, there the fun will comeback to blogging again. And we could only thank Zemanta for that.

Via [WebWare]