Zach Plague’s Boring and Book-As-Poster Party Photos


We’ve long been fans of all things Featherproof Books. They’re Chicago-based, which is always a plus with our geo-biases, but we also love how they’ve always gone out of their way to incorporate really strong design into everything they make, something far too often neglected with small publishing houses. Though now with their resident designer, Zach Plague, releasing the book boring through the imprint, they’ve gone above and beyond and created something just absolutely remarkable. Not only are the stories well-written, which you’d hope from any book, Plague created the book in poster form and then converted, or rather sliced, them into pages. The result is page after page of constantly busy, captivating artwork that clearly must have cost them Featherproof about $80 per book purely in black ink. And that’s before you even get to any of the writing, which reacts surprising well to the chaos the surrounds it, given that the majority of his stories concern the art world. Even if you’re illiterate, it’s a book that would be well worth your time (though how you would receive that recommendation we just made, we’re not sure). Featherproof was nice enough to pass along photos of the book’s release party this past Friday at Chicago’s own poster mecca Country Club, wherein Plague displayed the pages in their original form, as posters. All those can be found after the jump…