YouTube Weighs Paid Subscriptions | Sources: Microsoft Considers $1.2B Yammer Buy | Facebook to Respond to Lawsuits

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YouTubeYouTube Chief Mulls Paid Subscriptions (Reuters)
YouTube is exploring selling subscriptions to provide access to some of its video offerings, potentially providing a way for certain cable channels to be available outside the traditional “bundles” offered by cable network providers, said YouTube boss Salar Kamangar. Cable channels with smaller audiences will in the future migrate to the Web and become available on an “a la carte” basis, Kamangar said at the Reuters Media and Technology Summit on Thursday. Engadget It appears YouTube is testing a new homepage styled more like the look that recently rolled out on Google+. The current default look rolled out last winter with more focus on channels and social integration, while this new facade features more white space and list of channels and friends to the side. Los Angeles Times YouTube and Google+ are starting to look a lot more alike, and now, they will play together more too. The team behind YouTube announced Thursday that the service’s Google+ app has received an update increasing the amount of things that users can do with YouTube videos inside Google+ hangouts. The Next Web This is the perfect example of an integration that makes Google look like more of a social powerhouse with each release. This new app is available worldwide in 60-plus languages and takes all of the hard work that the YouTube team has put into playlists inside of Google+ Hangouts. WebProNews As ubiquitous as YouTube now seems, it’s easy to forget that the company is less than a decade old. In just over seven years, the video sharing website has spread all over the globe and continues to quickly expand into new markets. Despite this, YouTube only operates 46 individual country YouTube sites. This week, Indonesia became that 46th country.

Microsoft Said to Hold Talks on Buying Yammer Social Site (Bloomberg)
Microsoft is in discussions to acquire Yammer, operator of a social network for businesses, said two people familiar with the matter. Gaining closely held Yammer would help Microsoft add social-networking tools to the suite of products it offers corporate customers. The Wall Street Journal A sale of Yammer further validates a cadre of young companies — which includes Box, Jive Software and Basecamp — that are vying to shake up the ways people work. Some of the new arrivals, like Yammer, are trying to replace existing tools for digital messaging or keep up with to-do lists. San Francisco Chronicle Yammer was founded in 2008 by David Sacks, the former chief operating officer at PayPal. It has raised more than $140 million in funding from venture firms, including Charles River Ventures and Emergence Capital Partners.

Facebook Response to IPO Lawsuits to Focus on NASDAQ (CNET)
Facebook is expected to make its first public response as early as today to the wave of investor lawsuits regarding the company’s lackluster IPO. The social-networking giant is planning to file a motion to consolidate all the shareholder lawsuits pending against it, providing inside perspective on the role that the NASDAQ stock exchange’s performance had on the stock’s trading activity, a person familiar with the matter told The New York Times. AllFacebook With Facebook Exchange, users will see more targeted ads based on what they’ve recently posted or searched for as the company tries to boost revenue. While you’re probably growing used to that, it represents a change in Facebook’s stance toward cookies. Mashable After reporter Barrett Tryon posted a link to an article on his personal Facebook Timeline, his boss told him it violated the company’s social media policy. Tryon refused to remove it, sparking a whole conversation about the legality of social media policies — and landing himself on administrative leave.

Sex, Drugs and SMS: A Look Inside Teens’ Texting Habits (VentureBeat)
In a data-gathering exercise spanning hundreds of thousands of messages per month from phones across the United States, TxtWatcher found that around 4 percent of teen-sent text messages include adult or sexual content. Roughly 2.35 percent of messages contained references to drugs, and a further 4 percent contain vulgar content.

Obama Boy Has a Crush on Obama’s Support of Gay Marriage (SocialTimes)
Back in 2008, during the last presidential election, Amber Lee Ettinger went viral as Obama Girl, when she praised Barack Obama in her YouTube hit, “Crush On Obama,” which has racked up over 24 million views to date. This week, Justin Brown, calling himself Obama Boy, has surfaced with a remake of Obama Girl’s hit song, focusing on Obama’s support of gay marriage.

Pinterest Goes into Lockdown: Plans Three Huge Product Launches This Summer (Business Insider)
A source close to Pinterest tells us that in the next 30 to 60 days, the social networking company plans to launch three massive products: an official API, an iPad app and an app for Android. Pinterest, a site where users can save and share images and links, has the resources to go on this kind of attack.

ComScore U.S. Internet Report: YoY, Pinterest Up More Than 4,000 Percent, Amazon Up 30 Percent, Android Top Smartphone (TechCrunch)
comScore says that unique visits to social networking sites have increased by 6 percent year-over-year. The company also re-confirmed that Pinterest remains the fastest-growing social network as of Q1 2012, and its users rival only that of LinkedIn in terms of buying power.

Tweekly News Offers Hilarious Weekly Twitter Recaps and Helps Fans Quit Smoking (AllTwitter)
If you like funny (and we know you do), you’ll want to check out the Sklar Brothers’ latest adventure, hosting the brand new Tweekly News on My Damn Channel. The weekly comedy series is centered around Twitter, of course, and focuses on pop culture as seen through the eyes of Randy and Jason Sklar.

On Facebook? So are Your Future In-laws (International Herald Tribune)
You would expect Spoorthi Gadde, 25, of Bangalore, India, who has a master’s degree from a top-notch engineering school, to be out and about on social networks. Gadde is indeed on social networks like Facebook, but she has never posted a status update. If she did update her status, it might say, “Waiting for an arranged marriage.”