YouTube, Tom Cruise, Harry Potter, Katy Perry and More on This Week’s Top 20 Growing Facebook Pages

Music Pages continued to dominate our list of growing Facebook Pages this week, taking up 11 of the 20 spots, but we also saw a few tech companies, celebrities like Tom Cruise and Cristiano Ronaldo, a TV show, film and global brands like Disney and Coca-Cola. The Pages on our list grew from between 783,800 and 1.6 million Likes, we measure the growth of Pages with our PageData tool.

Top Gainers This Week

Likes Gain Gain,%
1. YouTube 38,017,813 +1,682,582 +5%
2. Shakira 33,250,553 +1,540,830 +5%
3. Rihanna 36,888,518 +1,518,793 +4%
4. Eminem 39,816,162 +1,394,602 +4%
5. Facebook 44,590,498 +1,205,176 +3%
6. Lady Gaga 37,529,698 +1,198,801 +3%
7. Coca-Cola 29,914,476 +1,137,807 +4%
8. Katy Perry 27,727,815 +1,107,759 +4%
9. Beyoncé 23,405,962 +1,048,047 +5%
10. Tom Cruise 961,717 +961,717 +0.0%
11. AKON 24,938,667 +941,889 +4%
12. Cristiano Ronaldo 28,358,088 +921,846 +3%
13. South Park 29,331,914 +887,223 +3%
14. Avril Lavigne 21,452,543 +875,395 +4%
15. Harry Potter 25,837,534 +871,796 +3%
16. Johnny Knoxville 1,728,466 +860,434 +99%
17. Usher 20,429,983 +856,259 +4%
18. Lil Wayne 26,520,357 +824,668 +3%
19. Black Eyed Peas 20,136,546 +803,341 +4%
20. Disney 25,400,797 +783,749 +3%

Topping the list was YouTube, which added 1.6 million Likes to push past 38 million total. Facebook’s Page grew by 1.2 million, growing to 44.5 million Likes. Then Coca-Cola’s Page grew by 1.1 million to come in just under 30 million; the landing tab invites visitors to Like the Page and the company is promoting its iPad app. Disney’s page grew by 787,800 Likes to top out at 25.4 million.

Celebrities made our list, too. Tom Cruise’s Page added the entirety of its 961,700 Likes this week. The Page seems to be getting the hang of its content stream and has updated some on Cruise’s past projects, as well as celebrities he may or may not be connected to. Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo’s Page grew by 921,800 Likes to expand to 28.3 million; he’s been mostly just updating about his matches and training. Finally, Johnny Knoxville, a TV host, saw his Page jump from 860,400 Likes to reach 1.7 million, though it appears this was due to a Page consolidation, as the Page grew from 896,000 Likes to 1.7 million in two days with no prompting from the Page’s stream.

South Park” saw 887,200 new Likes to its Page, pushing the total to 29.3 million by updating about episodes and related projects. Then “Harry Potter” saw 871,800 Likes to grow to 25.8 million as the Page admins continue to promote the release of the final installment of the film series in July.

Shakira started off the musicians on our list with 1.5 million Likes added to her 33.2 million total; she’s been posting music videos and performances from her tour. Rihanna added 1.5 million, too, to reach 36.8 million fans. She’s been updating the Page with happenings from her tour, videos, media appearances and photos from her tour. Eminem’s Page grew by 1.3 million to grow to 39.8 million. Lady Gaga’s been promoting her new album and singles, growing the Page 1.1 million to 37.5 million total in the past week.

Katy Perry’s tour promotion, events, status updates and videos pushed her Page 1.1 million to 27.7 million. More than 1 million Likes were added to Beyoncé’s Page this week, totaling 23.4 million; she’s been promoting her new album and singles. Akon saw 941,900 new Likes, growing his Page almost to 25 million, mostly by just posting status updates and tour updates.

Avril Lavigne’s Page grew by 875,400 Likes to pass 21.4 million and she’s been updating about her travels and interviews related to her new music. Usher’s Page grew by 856,300 Likes to stand at 20.4 million this morning by updating about his tour. Then Lil Wayne’s Page grew by 824,700 Likes, though all he did was share a few personal status updates. Finally, the Black Eyed Peas grew their Page by 803,300 likes to pass 20 million this week by announcing shows they’re playing.