YouTube Phone Available in Italy


MocoNews reports that 3 Italia, the Italian wireless carrier, and Sony Ericsson are introducing the W595 YouTube phone this week, which will let users upload video directly to YouTube in just a few clicks.

Here’s how it works: After a user shoots a video, an option pops up to Send it right from the phone. Click that, click YouTube, and then click Upload. Once it appears on the site, the user is sent a text message with a direct link back to it as a kind of return receipt. The report said that the handset will also feature a dedicated soft button with the YouTube logo that links directly to the site. However, this kind of specialization could also come at a cost.

“This is obviously good news in terms of boosting overall usage of the mobile internet, and perhaps these types of deals are the mobile web’s version of the early tenancy deals on web portals,” the article said. “But by concentrating power on these already popular sites this certainly makes it harder for smaller content players—and especially mobile-only ones—to get traction.” That’s a recurring theme, incidentally.