YouTube Experimental Homepage No Longer an Experiment

The new homepage YouTube began introducing last month has been pushed to all users, the Google-owned video site posted on its blog.

The revamped design emphasizes personalization, with features including: a combined list of subscriptions, friend activity, and recommendations; all videos uploaded by followed channels; the ability to delete anything on the homepage by simply clicking the X; graying out of already-watched videos; and recent likes and favorites.

From the blog post:

You may have noticed that we’ve been experimenting with a new YouTube homepage. After countless user studies and community surveys, one thing came in loud and clear: The homepage in its current form doesn’t mean much to most of you, and it could be more personally relevant. So the goal of this experiment was to put more of an emphasis on “videos for you.”

To pave the way for this experiment, we removed some of the less-used modules such as “Videos Being Watched Now.” Then we moved modules like “Spotlight” and “Featured Videos” over to the right side. All of these changes were to make room for a combined list of personally relevant videos made up of recommendations for you, your subscriptions activity, and videos being shared by your friends.

Recently, we opened up the experimental homepage to anyone who wanted to try it out. Millions of users opted in and now have this new version set as their homepage. Many of the people who tried the experimental homepage filled out our feedback form. While not everyone loved it, most people thought the new homepage was better than the old homepage.

Although some of you might miss some features, we think this latest version is a step in the right direction. It’s simpler, more personal, and it makes it easier to follow and watch the videos that are meaningful to you. So today we’re rolling out this new homepage for all logged in users worldwide.