YouTube Wants To Know, What Would You Ask British PM David Cameron?

Last month YouTube announced World View, a series of citizen-powered interviews with the world’s preeminent leaders. Last month YouTubers asked Barack Obama a series of questions about everything from education to the legalization of marijuana and today YouTube has announced the second interviewee in their series – British Prime Minister David Cameron.

PM Cameron will be answering questions submitted and voted on by the YouTube community on subjects ranging to foreign policy, national security and his view on what’s going on in the Middle East right now. You can submit your questions at, or tweet your question sing the hashtag #askthePM. YouTube questions can be submitted via text or via video. However, if last month’s Obama interview is any indicator, your chances of having your question picked for the final interview are much better if you submit a video.

The deadline for submissions is midnight GMT, Tuesday February 22 and the interview with the Prime Minister will be streamed live next Thursday on YouTube. On the YouTube blog, YouTube’s News and Politics Manager Ramya Raghavan and U.K. Product Marketing Manager Jayme Goldstein write, “Interviews with President Obama and the Prime Minister, David Cameron, are just the start. We’ll be announcing more World View interviews in the coming months with other top leaders, and you can be sure that each of these interviews will be completely driven by your questions and votes.”

I think this is a revolutionary way for citizens in countries all around the world to get input from their leaders on the things that matter most to them. I am interested to see how the Cameron interview will go and which world leaders will be interviewed next. What would you ask British PM David Cameron? Who else would you like to see interviewed in the coming months?