Yoursphere is a Social Network that Puts Safety First

yoursphereFearing that her daughter might be in danger from predators attacking innocent members of MySpace, Mary Kay Hoal created Yoursphere social network. Yoursphere offers a safe social networking site for kids and teens. How safe? How about getting an FTC endorsement for Privacy Vaults approval and parental consent requirement before members can join?

Yoursphere is also a soial networking site where no member is anonymous. It requires verifiable parental consent by confirming the identity of the parent providing the consent and confirming that the parent or guardian giving the consent are not sex offenders themselve.

In addition Yoursphere is exlusive for kids and teens up to age 18. It exees the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, and has a strict policy for not allowing “Creepers”, predators, sex offenders and pornographers to exploit, harasss on their site. Hence, Yoursphere contains no fake profiles.

Other features of the Yoursphere social networkin for kids and teens include monthly contests and rewards programs as well as providing positive platform where kids and teens can interact in safe “spheres” that include interest-based groups such as sports, academics, music, fashion and other worthwhile activities.