You’re “Roasting” & We’re Toasting: DC Media’s Open Season on Sanford

Check, check…is this thing on? If not, it should be because some of FishbowlDC’s fav. journos are reminding us why we love DC media so much with an unofficial “roast” of South Carolina’s jet setting governor, Mark Sanford.

The unofficial open mic night included one of the funniest quotes we’ve heard come out of cable news:

“In defense of Sanford’s aides, ‘I’m getting some Argentinean tail’ sounds a lot like ‘I’m on the Appalachian Trail’…”

We’re not certain who is responsible for this most excellent statement but whoever you are, you’ve just earned our admiration and your spot in FishbowlDC history as the second recipient of the “Jared Allen Award for Under-Appreciated Journalists.”

And the winner for “Best Adaptation of Facebook Photos” is….J.P. Freire from the Washington Examiner:

jp 1.jpg


One time, Mark Sanford and I were planning a hiking trip in the Appalachian Mountains. But Mark at the last minute called me up and said, “Hey! Let’s go to Argentina!” and I was like, “Well, sure!” So off we went. This is the Buenos Aires airport. The landing was a little bumpy.

jp 3.jpg

We went and checked the Obelisk of Argentina. Mark was like, “This is so exotic!!!” And then he snickered and nudged me a little. Haha! I didn’t really get his joke, but I was just happy to be there. This guy’s totally going to be president in 2012.


Mark told me about Avenida Florida, where all these great leather jacket shops are. “You can get great leather products here, JP!” he said. I got this cool biker jacket. Mark got something, but I don’t know what it was. He just told me it was a surprise.

jp 5.jpg

Mark (or, as I called him, M-rod) and I were supposed to meet at this tango restaurant, but he never showed up. But what a show that was!!! I couldn’t track the guy down, but I had a really good steak. Since I had my own ticket, and I was tired, I went home. I sure hope he found his way back!

J.P., fine work. We salute you.

And last but certainly not least, we present the award for “Best Original Soundtrack to a Political Scandal” to….NBC’s Chuck Todd for his Facebook status update to the tune of Evita’s “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina”:

Don’t cry for him, Carolina. The truth is he never left you. All through his wild days. His mad existence. He kept his promise. Don’t keep your distance…

So in closing, we raise a glass to Todd, Freire and whoever it was that said “Argentinean tail.” Cheers and well done!