Your Suggestion Box Follow-Up

suggestionboxEveryday, at 12:45pm, Ned the local mailman stood at the salad bar at Whole Foods, eating nuts. He wasn’t placing them on his tray that was to be weighed. He would dip in a small plastic cup, take a scoop, and down it like a shot. This would happen four to five times, EVERYDAY.

I realize that salad bars, even in high-end, organic produce markets are germ factories, but c’mon! I asked Ned to stop. He didn’t. So I took my rage to the store suggestion box.Several weeks later, after a break from salad, I made my triumphant return. And who was there waiting for me downing nuts at the bar? You know who!

My suggestion/complaint went unanswered and my business went elsewhere.

I know it’s taken me awhile to get to the point, but here it is. The solution…

Suggestion Box.

The newly-launched Website is a suggestion management system that aims to add a ‘workflow’ component to the complaint/resolution conversation between store and consumer.

Leave a comment for any participating company. If they are not yet part of the community, you can request they join. However, you will need a company e-mail address.

After your suggestion is made, you can log into the system to check the status of your request. This information is controlled by the respective company.

Suggestions can be rated by other community members, helping organizations figure out how widespread a problem is or how many people an issue is impacting.

Will companies pay attention and dedicate the people resources necessary to monitor and respond on the system? It probably all depends on how popular the Website becomes and how proactive companies are out of the gate.

If you’d like to setup a suggestion box for your organization to use internally, you can expect to pay approximately $500 a year and $10 per user.