Your Situation Room or Mine?


CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and President Obama’s National Security Adviser Gen. James Jones had a bonding moment today.

Jones came into CNN’s “Situation Room” for an interview. During the interview, Jones gave Blitzer a coin from the real Situation Room in honor of Blitzer’s five-year anniversary of the program. In response, Blitzer graciously thanked him and said he hoped to one day bring a coin from CNN’s Situation Room to Jones’s Situation Room and “do a little interview” there.

The segment is scheduled to air in the 6 p.m. hour.

The exchange…

BLITZER: Are you ready to declare mission accomplished?
JONES: Well, the subject was Iraq. But before we get to that, I brought you a coin from the — the other Situation Room.
BLITZER: The White House Situation Room?
JONES: The White House Situation Room. And…
BLITZER: Thank you.
JONES: On behalf of us at that Situation Room, we want to wish you a happy anniversary on your fifth — your fifth year of your Situation Room.
BLITZER: Thank you so much. Hopefully, one of these days, we’ll come to your Situation Room and I’ll bring you a coin from my SITUATION ROOM and we’ll do — do a little interview from there.
JONES: That’s a deal.