Your Politico Feedback

Thanks to all of you for your Politico feedback and sorry for taking a bit to get around to it all. So here we go…


  • The Politico has a new content deal with the Des Moines Register and Manchester Union Leader on web and paper content. Roger Simon’s story led the dead tree Union Leader yesterday.

  • They’ve hired Josh Kraushaar away from The Hotline.

  • Ads everywhere. One reader tells us that “Apparently, Politico ran an ad during the Daily Show tonight. And Katie Couric had VandeHei on for SOTU reax, and claimed how excited she was about the venture.”

  • Another reader: “ABC did TV on politico too.”

  • Politico says that they received a ton of traffic on Day One, up to 500,000 page views and 250,000 unique visitors.

  • Howard Mortman wants to be the Politico’s political talk show host.

  • Good reviews from the SOTU Politico party hosted at Gloria Dittus’ house.

  • The blank space we mentioned earlier, which is used for address labels on distributed copies (but which appears blank on newsstand copies), seems to have been filled.






  • “ has already crashed. . . I guess that is a good and bad sign.”

  • One reader says that the Politico box in front of the Washington Post (ahem) was empty since 11 am. Lots of readers? Or not enough copies in the box? (Speaking of boxes, someone wants one: “I was shocked not to find the politico on the corner of 3rd and Pennsvylania SE [between starbucks and cosi on the House side]”).

  • David All has some praise and pokes for the Politico.

  • Should Posties fear the Politico? Well, they do still work for you…




  • Day 2 Page Count Tally: Politico (24), Roll Call (36), Hill (40).

    THE QUESTION: If the Politico is distributing to 25,000 and the Hill gets out to 21,000 (Roll Call’s at roughly 18,000), will there be any pressure on The Hill to remove its “largest circulation of any Capitol Hill publication” boast on the top of its newspaper?


  • “The Politico seems to have some quality control issues with their paper. Try to follow the jump for ‘Shenanigans’… And two corrections for their very first paper??”

  • “The Politico has a full-page ad for Meet the Press, a competitor to Face the Nation–even though some Politicos will be appearing regularly on Face the Nation. In fact, the ad claims that Meet the Press ‘delivered more viewers than This Week and Face the Nation combined.’ Why run an ad that clearly undermines the show that your reporters will be appearing on? Doesn’t seem like a smart move.”

  • “Unless I missed it, I would suggest an icon for readers to send the site to friends.”

  • “The only photograph on the front page was a week-old press-conference picture of hillary clinton, that everyone in america has seen 1,000,000,000 times.”

  • “What’s with the lack of photo captions in some parts of the paper? Page 5 is a good example. What am I supposed to be looking at?”

  • A reader writes in to our dead-tree edition post with a correction: “The Hill was 56 pages today. There was a 16 page Special Report Section”

  • Some readers had issues with two Politico pieces, arguing that this story had been done before and that this story was not a scoop.

  • “has anyone seen the politico tv show? it started tuesday on cable8 at 3:30pm. we do not get cale channel 8 in my office.”

  • “a mere five ad pgs the day following the sotu…”

  • “When you type ‘The Politico’ into Google, comes up first and it only takes you to the intro Politico page instead of the new site. They may want to work that out.”

  • “interesting: two hours and counting after SoTU… and not a word about it on the politico website…?”

  • DCist weighs in here.

  • “After the treatment that Drudge got from Harris and Halperin in their book, I believe the proper term for those two links today is ‘reach around.'”

  • One reader thought that the website’s picture of Gerald Ford lying in state on the front was “Like an episode of Six Feet Under.”

  • There were the standard comments about various typos, such as this misspelling on the bottom of the Politico’s webpage


    …this grammatical error (since fixed): “Hillary Rodham Clinton and her advisers is facing”

    …and a memory of ages past


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