Your Online Safe Deposit Box

sulfeAs a kid, I remember several trips with my mom to the safe deposit box. It was a security-escorted trip through brightly-lit and narrow hallways. Eventually, the journey ended in front of a tiny gold box.

What was in there?

At the time I pictured bars of gold, treasure maps, and secret codes. It wasn’t until years later, when I was a teenager, that I came to discover what was really in the box; a few pieces of ‘grandma’s old jewelry.’ Worthless.

With all this technology upon now upon, there’s a good chance today’s generation will never make a trip to a safe deposit box. Especially when there are Web sites like the ‘SafeBox’ system, you can manage all of your personal information in one place, so you can find it easily from anywhere. Among the features:

* Get an overall view of your assets and accounts, without becoming an accountant

* Handy reference for passwords, account numbers, phone numbers, and much more

* No more digging through cabinets, computer files, unfiled papers to find information

* 100MB file storage for critical files

There is a two month free trial available. After that. you can pay either $4.99 a month or $49.95 for the year.

Your financial data, insurance information, and property information will be securely protected. You can also upload important files and documents that require safeguarding.

There’s a new year upon us. Isn’t it time you got organized?