Your Definitive (For Now) Guide to The New York Times Buyouts


For months, we’ve been hearing about buyouts at The New York Times. But who’s going and who’s staying? We decided to do some actual reporting and create our own list. 1211 buyouts not reported elsewhere and confirmed by sources within the Times, and 15 that have been reported elsewhere. Only 73 to go. We’ll keep digging, but if you hear anything, email us.

Claudia Deutsch, business
Milt Freudenheim, business
Joe Fried, metro
Tony Ramirez, metro
Murray Chass, sports (We confirmed today’s Page Six story)
Paul Belinkie, sports
Lawrence Van Gelder, culture (We confirmed today’s
Page Six story)
Martin Arnold, culture (although after taking the buyout, he signed a contract for two more years.)
Bob Candela, culture
Wendy Sclight, culture
Sheila Rule, senior editor
Rich Meislin, Web

John Noble Wilford — science writer (via FBNY)
Amanda Hesser — food writer (via FBNY)
Linda Greenhouse — Supreme Court reporter (via FBNY)
David Cay Johnston — investigative reporter (via NYO)
Jane Gross, national (via NYO)
Merrill Perlman — copy chief (via NYO)
Barnaby Feder, business (via NYP)

The following all from Radar:
Philip Shenon, Washington bureau
Karen Arenson, education
Jane Gross
Lawrence K. Altman
Gary Rivlin
Wendy Sclight
Steve Urso
Nakana’ela Scott Nathaniel

(And yes, we were jealous of FishbowlDC’s sweet list of WaPo buyouts.)