Your Beloved U.S. Is Now A Noun

It appears we were a bit hasty (blogs? hasty? what?) in yesterday’s announcement of AP form changes for the upcoming year. It turns out there are a host of changes:

  • A new entry on child care, noting AP style is two words.
  • A new entry on touch-screen, noting it is hyphenated.
  • New entries on video game and voice mail, noting AP style is
    two words in each case.
  • A changed entry on backyard, making it one word in all cases.
  • A changed style on best-seller, hyphenated in all uses.
  • An updated entry on Customs to reflect its incorporation under
    the Department of Homeland Security.
  • A revised entry on Fatah, to eliminate “al” from the name and
    change its description.
  • A revised entry on fundraising, changing it to one word in all

And, in a big slap at John Bolton, the AP has decided to eliminate its restriction on using the abbreviation “U.N.” as a noun. Take that you unilateralists!

Similarly, and proving once again that the vast left-wing media will stop at nothing in its quest to hurt America and undermine patriotism, the AP will allow “U.S.” to be used as a noun.

The screams of shock and horror may begin…