Young People, Just Hangin’ Out, Cuttin’ Loose and Not Talkin’ ‘Tech’


We love this Reuters story, which we found by way of PSFK, “Young Keep It Simple in High-Tech World.” Read it and try not to release a smug little laugh. The short and sweet of it is essentially, “Those young people are crazy!” It’s all about how a survey was recently taken that determined that the kids don’t use the stupid buzzwords we dumb adults concoct, things like “social networking,” that they don’t really think about “tech” stuff very much because it’s so ingrained in their lives and that they still enjoy doing other things like socializing in real life and watching tv. Not to be mean, but it’s sort of a big “and?” sort of story. Though you sort of have to figure that somewhere, at some company, this article is being printed out and passed around, later to be discussed at a meeting wherein the big focus is “this scares us, because we believed the young people were always jacked in to the cyberweb.” If your company is having one of these meetings, please, please, please invite us. We’d love to sit in.