You To Can Be A Post Copy Eidtor

Oh the irony…A rather amusing excerpt about the importance of copy editing from today’s Internship Chat on (we’ll bold the typos to make it easier for you):

    Chico, Calif.: I just recently finished a copy-editing internship at a medium-sized newspaper. Why would The Washington Post be the ideal next step? What is expected of copy editors? How much power are they given? What is the work load?

    Leonard Downie Jr.: The nnumber one reason to want to be be a copy editing summer internship at the Post is that a large proportion of the copy editors we’ve hired in recent recent years — and who have advanced rapidly in our newsroom — have been summer interns here. Copy editors in particular are able to demonstrate in ten weeks whether they work well at our level. The work load is intense but copy editors here usually handle fewer stories than at other papers because we want the quality of editing to be as high as possible. Copy editors here do the final editing on stories, write headlines and photo cpations for them and do electronic type-setting. They share editorial decision-making with assignment editors who do the first edits on stories and their bosses, the section editors. We have indidivual copy desks for our various sections — National, Foreign, Metro, Sports, Financial, Style, etc. — rather than a universal copy desk.

And hey, even if copy editing isn’t your strong suit, maybe someday you can be Executive Editor.

(Have we seen this before?)