You Don’t Need A Blog

Lance Haun of (formerly YourHRGuy) wants you to know: you don’t need a blog.


“I haven’t soured on blogging nor do I believe the space is crowded. On the contrary, I still think there is a lot of space out there for people to talk about business and talent. We’ve barely scratched the surface of possibilities. But I think there are also a lot of dead blogs out there and that sucks. It means someone put in a bunch of effort, got frustrated and left it behind.”blogger-logo.png

If you’re just starting a blog to make yourself look professionally good, but you’re not really into blogging, this might happen to you—and a dead blog is worse than no blog, he argues.

We’d agree: for a job seeker, being Googlable is great, but if all your links point to projects you started six months ago and then abandoned, what does that look like? (We’re just as guilty–realized we hadn’t updated our personal blog in at least six weeks. Eek!)

The point is, doing a blog right is hard, especially when you’re trying to manage it on top of a day job or freelancing commitments. If you’re not ready to do one right, maybe you’d rather use other social media tools (become a Twitter star like the FakeAPStylebook guys? Guest blog when you have the time?) or work on building your offline reputation.

This brings up an interesting question: if you start a blog and then realize you don’t have the time to keep it up, what do you do with the archives? Delete them? Hide them? Leave them?