You Could Be as Happy as These Weight Watchers Employees Are

Weight Watchers is one of the top diet programs in the country, and it looks like the company is keeping their employees mighty happy. But when you’re talking about an organization “that literally changes people’s lives, including your own,” that’s to be expected.

According to its website, a financial analyst for the company commends its “collaborative environment,” while another employee enjoys Weigh Watchers’ global perks. “By being part of an international brand, I get to work with people all over the world, from the creative department in the U.S. to the content department in China,” a program development manager says.

Of course, the company website isn’t going to highlight negative comments about its workplace, but if you put your faith in these employees, you could be looking at a pretty rewarding career. Check out all of Weight Watchers’ media-related openings here.

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