You Can Never Have Too Many eBooks

eBookNewser 9780060186395.jpghas got to agree with GalleyCat–who says the below idea “makes this blog editor shiver”–on the quotes from this recent Christian Science Monitor article from childhood development professor Maryanne Wolf, author of ‘Proust and the Squid: The Story and Science of the Reading Brain,’ who argues that eBooks help to discourage what she calls “deep dive reading,” which she says our brains need. The Internet, sure, but eBooks? Here’s what she says:

“My concern is that we will develop within the next generation a shorter, less-enriched [brain] circuitry for reading. And I don’t think I’m ultraconservative. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t read online…. I’m saying that we need to preserve what’s best about the present reading brain – preserve the beautiful function of books in our lives – as we move across mediums that will allow us ever greater access to information.”

This blogger is a deep devotee of the paper book, but it’s not paper that makes immersive, its the length of the story and a reader’s will to stick with it. Paper books aren’t going away, but neither should be try to half the progress of technology; we just need to be smart about how we use it. Right?