You’re Being Dragged a Long Way Backward Thanks to The Washington Post, Baby!

WaPo recently launched a new blog called “She The People” headed up by Melinda Henneberger with the tagline “The world as women see it.” God, I hope not.

I realize men have no idea how women think, but vaginas can’t make this much of a difference between what happens in the mind of the opposite sex. If they do, women don’t think about the economy or jobs, but about the questions no one else does, like “Would we love Tim Tebow if he were Muslim?” and almost obsessively about Republican Presidential candidates…and not much else.

Do women care that deeply about candidate’s spouses and ex-spouses? “She The People” bloggers do since they write about them more than the National Enquirer.

They do take a slight break from time to time to kiss up to first lady Michelle Obama almost as much as The Hill‘s Amie Parnes, so there’s that.

Aside from staying lock-step with the Post’s predominately liberal blog bias (sure, there’s exceptions), this is a painful blog to read. I hope women think about things beyond this. To steal a catch phrase, you’ve come a long way, baby, but this blog ain’t helping the cause.