Yellojobs Combines Job Referrals and Social Networking

Job referrals is a powerful way of filling up job vacancies as well as a reliable way of getting the right person to the job requirements. And who could best recommend the right person for the right job but friends, right? And where can you find the most number of friends who are in constant contact with each other but in social networks. Combining these two together – job referrals and social networking we have is a web based referral recruitment network where mployers can post unlimited job ads with referral rewards for free. Users can refer their friends to the job ads and receive a cash reward when their friend is successfully hired. Yellojobs is somewhat an online job matching-kind-of service.

To make its service more interesting, Yellojobs lets you generate income by leveraging on who you know – that is your social network friends. So much so that when you search the job ads on and you found a job ad which you think you can refer people to, you’ll have a chance of earning a reward from Yellojobs, should the employer hires the person you recommended. Yellojobs make users discover a true ” Networth of their Networks”.

Yellojobs aims to create the ultimate marketplace for job opportunities. And it might actually achieve this sooner than we cant think.