Year/Decade-End Lists Start Strong with New York Covers and Glancey’s Architecture Recap


If you’ve been an UnBeige reader over the years, you’re likely familiar with our annual trend of being excited about year-end lists and then, come sometime around mid-January, after one ending wave after another, being utterly and completely tired of them. But this year, still only in early December, we’re already worn out because we just started realizing that not only will it be a billion year-end lists, it will also be a billion decade-end lists. But while we might not yet be happy about the upcoming the flood, the trickle at the beginning is certainly starting strong. First, a nice behind the scenes look at the creation of the two covers for New York‘s upcoming “The 00’s” issue (by Todd St. John and Fellow Designers), as well as some of the others they’d commissioned but didn’t wind up using, by the likes of David Carson and Marian Bantjes. Second comes an interesting read and the first of what’s likely to be a big trend: Jonathan Glancey‘s overview of architecture in the 2000s, from the dud that was the Millennium Dome to preparing to open the world’s new tallest building, the Burj Dubai. So, at the start of the season, both of those are interesting and not riddled with filler. Let’s do everyone a favor and keep it like those through these coming long days, okay internet?