Yeah, We Got Some Charmers ’round Here

biatch.jpgWe just got this email:

Hi. I noticed a big notice for ASK A MEXICAN book signing. Did he pay for that?
I would like to send you my booksigning event information for editorial consideration. Not for pay.
Just got word that Bud Cort, “HAROLD & MAUDE” actor will be coming to my author’s book signing. The word in the title causes a bit of a stir whenever it’s talked about.
Can this be something for FishbowlLA to use?
In a word, it’s about a word.
Below is the information.
Please let me know if you can use it next week. Thanks.

The title is “How To Woo a Bi’aaatch” by Brian Zoozoo.

Here’s the first lesson of how to woo: Don’t ask if some other guy paid for it.