Yammer Just Became The Enterprise Facebook, Launches A Platform

At the Techcrunch Disrupt conference today in San Francisco Yammer announced the launch of a redesign (which is identical to Facebook) and a Platform which lets developers build applications on top of the product. It’s an impressive product in that it has literally become the enterprise Facebook. David Sacks, the founder of the company, also announced a Questions product which literally duplicates Facebook’s existing questions product.

What’s probably most significant about this product is that it has made the evolution from being a Twitter-like product to a Facebook copycat. Ultimately, at the current price point, I don’t see why hundreds of companies won’t jump on the opportunity to adopt this product. As an open platform, Yammer has the opportunity to truly dominate the enterprise space. To say the least, this is definitely a ground-breaking Platform in that it’s also extremely cheap comparatively to other enterprise collaboration platforms at only $5 per user.

The product is also translated into over 100 languages using a crowd-sourced service, yet again similar to Facebook’s product. Honestly I haven’t had the opportunity to use the product but this could be ground breaking if enough companies adopt the product. According to Yammer, over 100,000 companies are using the product worldwide so there’s definitely a significant opportunity for Yammer to own the enterprise space.

The size of this announcement shouldn’t be understated: Yammer just launched the Facebook Platform for the enterprise.

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