Yahoo updates iOS app with breaking news, saved articles and more

Image via Yahoo
Image via Yahoo

Yahoo has updated its iOS app for iOS 7, but the app comes with more than just a different look to match Apple’s updated operating system. The new app includes multiple new features, including the ability to save content to read at a later time.

Yahoo aims to make its app part of a user’s daily mobile experience. It has introduced “animated cinemagraphs,” or animated photos, to enhance the user experience when reading mobile content, and has also introduced the ability to save content for viewing later on. The “My Saves” feature allows users to catalog important or otherwise interesting articles while on the go, when they may not have the time to read them right then and there.

In addition, the app now features push notifications for breaking news stories, so users can follow along in real time.

Other changes include improvements in app speed and alterations to the app interface, making it a cleaner experience to match the clean look of iOS 7. The My Saves feature will also soon be added to the desktop, so users can save articles on a desktop computer, and then read them later on phones or tablets.

The Yahoo app is available to download for free on iOS. You can follow the app on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.