Latest Yahoo Travel ‘Smackdown’ Takes Aim at New York

In the same vein as our weekly Cover Battles, Yahoo Travel likes to pit two destinations against each other under the heading of a “Smackdown.” We couldn’t help but take special notice of this week’s duel, as it throws Chicago and New York into the ring.


Up first to make Chicago’s case is freelance travel writer Bill Fink. At one point, he drags our most august weekly magazine into the conversation:

New York City’s myopic, self-absorbed viewpoint is best seen in the famous New Yorker magazine cover created to compensate for its citizens’ miserable quality of life. Bad news for New Yorkers: Unless you’re a billionaire hedge-fund manager, you’re living in an unaffordable, closet-size apartment, scurrying to work on packed streets like rats in a maze.

Bad news for visitors: New York is full of New Yorkers. New York City is basically the A-Rod of cities: overpriced, overhyped, in love with itself, hostile to others, eventually to be proved a sham. Chicago is your logical first choice.

It’s up to Yahoo Finance editor Meena Thiruvengadam to follow Fink and defend our city’s good name. How does she do? You’ll have to read this week’s Smackdown to find out (and vote), but we did appreciate this Windy City jab:

New York and Chicago are somewhat similar when it comes to weather, but getting around New York in a blizzard is far more pleasant than wandering around Chicago in a blizzard. In New York, you can actually take a selfie in the storm without freezing off a finger or being blown away by winds coming off the lake.

Ha ha. At press time, Chicago has a large lead over the Big Apple. So get to it, FishbowlNY readers.

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