Yahoo Shutters 5 Verticals [Updated]


The ax swinging has begun at Yahoo. According to Politico, the company is shuttering its Tech, Food, Autos, Health and Music verticals.

In a memo to staffers, Yahoo Tech editor in chief Dan Tynan wrote that the moves were “not entirely unexpected.”

“Despite an enormous set of challenges (most of them internal) they still managed to produce some of the smartest, funniest, most original tech coverage on the Web,” wrote Tynan. “I could not be more proud.”

The closings comes two weeks after Yahoo announced that it was reducing its staff by 15 percent in an effort to attract buyers.

Update (3:11 pm):
Tack on a few more. Yahoo global editor in chief Martha Nelson said that in addition to the five mentioned above, Yahoo is shuttering Parenting, Makers, Travel and Real Estate. That brings the total to nine.

“We know you come to Yahoo because of our distinct voice and unique blend of original content, aggregation and personalization,” wrote Nelson. “With a renewed focus on News, Sports, Finance and Lifestyle, we will be working to make Yahoo an even more essential part of your life.”

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