Yahoo! News Launches News Blog The Upshot

TheUpshotLogo.jpgThe Upshot, a news blog from Yahoo! News, officially launched Tuesday, and it will combine original reporting, insights, and analysis with items from other sources.

Mediabistro has been all over the moves associated with the blog, but now the full roster of writers and editors has been unveiled.

The editorial team for The Upshot includes: editor Andrew Golis, previously with Talking Points Memo; deputy editor Chris Lehmann, who has worked with Congressional Quarterly, The Washington Post, and New York magazine; senior political blogger Holly Bailey, from Newsweek; senior national-affairs blogger John Cook, formerly with Gawker and the Chicago Tribune; media blogger Michael Calderone, who worked with Politico and The New York Observer; political blogger Rachel Hartman, from The Washington Independent and CQ; national-affairs blogger Brett Michael Dykes, who comes to Yahoo! News from Gawker and Cajun Boy in the City; and national-affairs blogger Liz Goodwin, who had been with The Daily Beast.

The New York Times focuses on Yahoo!’s use of search metrics for determining what some of its writers should focus on.

Yahoo software continuously tracks common words, phrases and topics that are popular among users across its vast online network. To help create content for the blog, called The Upshot, a team of people will analyze those patterns and pass along their findings to Yahoo’s news staff of two editors and six bloggers.

The news staff will then use that search data to create articles that – if the process works as intended – will allow them to focus more precisely on readers.

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