Yahoo CEO Under the Microscope At Sun Valley

Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang said on Thursday that he was unlikely to meet with Microsoft reps at this week’s Sun Valley meeting of media and tech executives in Idaho, according to Reuters.

The report said that many folks at Sun Valley are watching Yang, as well as Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates and other representatives from both companies, for clues as to the saga’s next twist. (It’s like a soap opera, except that everyone is a geek, and bazillions of dollars and the future of the Internet are at stake.)

Yang “chatted for over a half hour” with Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page, and was “seen with his head in his hands at their table by a duck pond in the resort,” where many executives gather after lunch, according to the report. “I think he’s a good leader but under stress,” Brin later told reporters at the event. “There’s obviously a lot of frustration, but he’s doing pretty well.”