Xgau’s Back!


Holy crap. Robert Christgau is blogging (for the National Arts Journalism Program, but no worries). He’s also blogging about Vice magazine and Iraqi heavy metal:

Acrassicauda are totally ****ed. These four probably middle-class guys (it would be nice if narrator-codirector Suroosh Alvi told us more about their families than how totally fucked they also are, but those are the wages of gonzo), including at least one Sunni, one Shia, and one Christian (historical note: once upon a time, most Iraqi musicians were Jewish), formed their band as teenagers six years ago and have gigged at a rate of under one per year. Their first concert was in Saddam’s time, when government enforcers insisted that they perform a song about how the youth loved Saddam, an order they cheerfully and cynically obeyed with a thrash throwaway.