Wuala! Web Storage Goes Social

Both desktop and web applications are both great ways of working with your digitals, especially for storing and accessing them. But wouldn’t it be cool if you can have a file storage service that mixed both desktop and web applications? Wuala! Of course its cooler. And that’s why we think that Wuala is a pretty cool online storage service. Even more fun is the fact that it has some social networking as well.

Wuala is a Java-based, free, secure and simple to use online storage service that lets you encrypt files using your machine’s hardware while at the same it also lets you launched the application from a browser without installating any software.

Wuala is a feature-rich web storage service. These features include:

  • file access and encryption is done from your computer, hence the site does not record your password
  • 1GB of free storage with options to upgrade for a fee
  • no file upload limit
  • fast uploading tool that support batch processing
  • fast streaming, slideshow and notification feature
  • simple sharing and linking of files

And like we said, Wuala also sports some social networking features, including file sharing, folder sharing, groups, public folders, comments, notifications and chat. All data that you upload are backed-up on Wuala’s servers. Connecting to your friends can be done from your Skype or Facebook contact and by entering their email addresses as well.

If Wuala can live up to its goals and objectives, there’s good chance that it will become a mainstream service later on. In the meantime, you might want to create your Wuala now. It’s free anyway.