WTOP Takes Tech to a New Level

WTOP award-winning reporter and Tech Editor Neal Augenstein is at the helm of a new section that promises multimedia tech coverage. This means on-air, online and, of course, the dreaded and beloved social media.

Stories on the site right now include apps that help you get a good night’s sleep, speed up the valet parking process in D.C., break up by text, pay your restaurant check and “Pro tips: How to shoot video with your iPhone.”

A WTOP release gushes with praise for him: “Augenstein is a pioneer when it comes to journalism and technology; he was the first major market radio reporter to do most of his field production on an iPhone, and has written about and hosted multiple seminars on using the latest technology for audio, video, photography and writing.”

We asked Augenstein what we can expect to see.

“As you know, we’re all fixated with our mobile devices, our social media, and home gadgets,” Augenstein told FishbowlDC. “We’ll be focusing on stuff our radio listeners and web followers are interested in, and talking about. A new robot? We’ll  have it. Cool ways to share music? Absolutely. New Instagram features, we’ll tell you about it. And, we’ll be working to maximize the synergy between our web, on-air, and social platforms. I’ll be doing multi-media reports to tie it all together. We’re not going to try to outgeek the geeks. We’ll do stuff that wanna-be geeks might be interested in.”

In a morning release, WTOP Director of Digital Media John Meyer said, “Technology touches everything we do today. We are going to tell the stories of how it is affecting lives in our area at work, home, school, and in government.”