WTOP Reporter Helps Harried Commuters Tangled in Nuclear Summit Gridlock

Photo credit: Neal Augenstein, WTOP Radio reporter

This just in from the WTOP Traffic Center:

“With nearly 50 heads of state in Washington, D.C. for the nuclear summit, the city faced possible massive traffic disruptions. WTOP reporters fanned out in force to give guidance to harried commuters including reporter Tanya Snyder seen here patrolling downtown on her bike.

That’s her Comrex Acess unit strapped to the back, allowing her to file near studio quality audio on her cellphone. Tanya regularly commutes from home to WTOP via bike.”

> Update:
Mother Jones’s David Corn tweets on how bad the traffic situation is. “Obama: summit shows ‘how deeply concerned everybody should be with the possibilities of nuclear traffic.’ And regular traffic in DC a horror.”