WSJ to Reduce, Combine Sections

A sign of the times.

WSJIn an effort to combat ad revenue declines, The Wall Street Journal is reducing and combining sections of the paper.

The new Journal will debut November 14, with fewer pages with less coverage of arts, culture and local news. The Business & Tech and Money & Investing sections will merge but maintain the same level of coverage. The Personal Journal and Arena sections will also be combined into a new section titled Life & Arts.

The Journal’s Greater New York section is getting trimmed into “a more concise, focused daily report on life and business in the New York area” according to a memo from editor Gerard Baker.

The revamped Journal will come with two large sections on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, and three large sections on Mondays and Fridays. Its weekend edition will remain the same.

“All newspapers face structural challenges and we must move to create a print edition that can stand on a sound financial footing for the foreseeable future while our digital horizons continue to expand,” explained Baker, in his note to staffers.

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