WSJ to Celebrate 125th Anniversary

Tomorrow, The Wall Street Journal turns 125. On July 8, 1889, a few fellas named Charles Dow, Edward Jones and Charles Bergstresser launched the paper as a four-page newsletter that cost two cents an issue. The goal, according to the trio, was to “aim steadily at being a paper of news, and not a paper of opinions. It will give a good deal of news not found in other publications, and it will present in the market article, its news, its tables and its advertisements, a faithful picture of the rapidly evolving panorama of the Street.”

To celebrate making it 125 years and still retaining a full head of hair, the Journal will publish a special edition of the paper tomorrow along with several unique online features.

“The Future of Everything” will be in print and online, and come packed with forward-looking essays from the likes of Taylor Swift (yes, really), Mark Zuckerberg, Billy Beane and more. Online, an interactive package will allow readers to explore how the Journal covered the last 125 years worth of news.

“Today the Journal’s reach is global and its news agenda goes beyond business to cover politics, entertainment, arts and culture and much more,” said the paper’s editor, Gerard Baker, in a statement. “But we remain true to those founding principles: to offer the most accurate, the most intelligent, the most objective account of the news that moves markets, defines history and changes lives.”