WSJ. Magazine Booms Despite Tough Market

wsj_c3333over.jpgIt may be a terrible year for the print industry, with diminishing ad sales forcing magazines to scale back on the number of issues and pages they can afford, but at least one magazine is claiming that they’re doing better than ever.

The Wall Street Journal‘s one-year-old magazine, WSJ. (can’t forget that unnecessary period!) will begin printing six issues a year instead of its traditional quarterly print run, starting in March of next year. In addition, the glossy’s circulation will almost double from its current 800,000 subscribers to 1.5 million.

“The magazine speaks directly to the world’s most discerning consumers about the people, places and products that matter most to them,” saied WSJ. editor-in-chief Tina Gaudoin, who is perhaps forgetting the lessons learned this year in the closing of haute business and lifestyle titles like Trump Magazine, Portfolio, and Fortune Small Business.

Then again, The Wall Street Journal has managed to make itself an exception to every industry rule this year and is still expanding, so perhaps some of that luck will rub off on WSJ.

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WSJ. Magazine to Increase Its Circulation and Frequency Beginning in March 2010

NEW YORK, Dec. 16, 2009 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — WSJ., the glossy magazine from the Wall Street Journal, will increase its circulation to 1.5 million and transition to a schedule of six issues per year from a quarterly publication, beginning in March 2010.

WSJ. launched in Sept. 2008 and is currently distributed to 800,000 Journal readers in 17 of the largest geographic markets as part of the Weekend Edition of The Wall Street Journal. WSJ. will continue to be included in copies of the Journal in those markets but will now be distributed to all subscribers in the U.S. and made available in the Weekend Edition on newsstands across the country, increasing its U.S. circulation to 1.5 million. The magazine will maintain its circulation of 160,000 outside the U.S., where it is distributed in copies of The Wall Street Journal Asia and The Wall Street Journal Europe. In addition, the frequency of the magazine will increase to six times a year, beginning in March, followed by issues in May, June, September, October and December.

Since its inception, the magazine has attracted 64 new advertisers to the Journal franchise, with 20 of those subsequently increasing their exposure with other Journal properties, advertising in the newspaper or online. The broad range of advertisers include categories such as fashion, retail,jewelry, watches, travel, real estate, financial, wines and spirits, auto and technology.

“Advertisers from around the globe are attracted to WSJ. with its unrivaled demographics. The magazine has a well established track record of moving product for our advertisers, even in the worst economic times,” said Michael Rooney, chief revenue officer of The Wall Street Journal.

“WSJ.’s readers are drawn to our pages, which celebrate their lifestyles and interests — from finance to fashion to art, travel and philanthropy,” said Tina Gaudoin, editor-in-chief of WSJ. magazine.
“The magazine speaks directly to the world’s most discerning consumers about the people, places and products that matter most to them.”