AllTwitter’s Writing Contest Winner Is A Flash Fiction Ninja

When launching AllTwitter’s first Flash Fiction Contest, I expected to see the good, bad and ugly from Twitter’s writing community – and participants did not disappoint.

But I also held out hope that something great – something that would make me stand on my chair and say “wow!” – would rise to the top. And boy did it ever.

Although we had quite a few fantastic submissions, this person’s was the most fantastic-est by far. Not only because he received the most retweets, but because this person, as a whole, is a true flash fiction ninja.

So, now that I’ve set your expectations ridiculously high, I crown (oh, you didn’t know winning this came with a crown?) the winner of our first flash fiction contest, Flash Fiction Ninja: Motke!

Motke Dapp describes himself as “a magical being, a writer (screenplays, short stories, poetry, twitfic, as well as working on a couple novels), an award winning film-maker, and a chronic Instagramer (user name motke).”

Though his writing is (obviously) pretty kick-ass, he’s focused more these days on film. He’s co-owner of Paper Ghost Pictures, and he runs this venture with his business partner and producer, Ryan Hartsock. They’ve apparently been pretty successful so far:

Motke and his team of amazing Amazings have finished production for their first full feature film called “the Many Monsters of Sadness.” The film was accepted into the Nashville Film Festival and premiered at the festival.

AND he has an upcoming film. You can check out some of his work here.

Be sure to follow him on Twitter so you don’t miss out on his film news or future Twitter fiction. And with that, we give you his contest-winning tweet:

Our runner-up is David L. Day (@dday376), an “author of dark fantasy and other oddities, . . . often with a heavy helping of religious symbolism.” If THAT doesn’t pique your interest enough to check out some of his work on his website, nothing will. (Except maybe this tweet he submitted.)

We have a handful of honorable mentions to . . . mention . . . as well:





Did you love those entries or what? Make sure you watch for our next flash fiction contest. We’ll try to have one every few months!

(Crown image from Shutterstock)