WPP Head Martin Sorrell Explains Problems Behind Enfatico


Enfatico, the mega-agency created to handle all advertising, marketing and communications for Dell, launched amid much fanfare. CEO Torrence Boone told the NY Post last summer that Enfatico is “the largest global agency start-up in history.”

However, the agency’s troubles, which have been well covered by AgencySpy, include a number of re-organizations and PR blunders, along with Enfatico taking a step back and being rolled into WPP’s Young & Rubicam.

In a new interview, WPP head Martin Sorrell talks to Forbes India about some of the reasons why the agency has failed. “…It’s an extremely difficult thing to do. And the two prime movers behind it left Dell,” he said, referring to former Dell CMO Mark Jarvis and Casey Jones, Dell’s VP of global marketing.

However, Sorrell still believes in the rationale behind Enfatico. “The concept itself, which is an agency tailored to the needs of a specific client, I think is still very relevant and in fact is going to become more relevant. And what clients want is the best resources working on their business, so if you can either from your existing resources or new resources fashion an agency that responds to their specific needs,” he said.