WPCF Round-up

Last night’s Washington Press Club Foundation Congressional Dinner was positively dripping with B-list-dom, the Post’s Leibovich reports today. As he explains, “The B-list status of the fete is conveyed by several things”:

  • The absence of metal detectors at the entrance.
  • The disproportion of suits to tuxedos.
  • The sight of Rep. Dennis Kucinich descending an escalator with his daughter constituting a “celebrity moment.”
  • The presence of actor Ron Silver.
  • The fact that Rep. Tom DeLay is headlining the “entertainment.”

But it’s Washington and it’s February, so party they will. At last night’s 61st annual event, guests dined on berry salad, chicken and steak, whipped sweet potatoes, and a dessert trio featuring miniature hazelnut cream, key lime gateau and a chocolate tulip filled with passion fruit mousse.

The headliners for the event–Delay and Sen. Dick Durbin–met their “low expectations,” but despite rather extensive quotes from their comments, we didn’t find anything actually “funny,” so we won’t bore you with the details.

Anyone have any good stories they want to share from the dinner or the after parties? Drop us a line.

Photo caption: Hearst’s Judy Holland, Sen. Dick Durbin, and Ohio Rep. Deborah Pryce at last night’s WPCF dinner.