WP.com Redesign Gets Mixed Reviews

eyetoolswp.jpg DCist points us today to an analysis of the new WashingtonPost.com homepage by Eyetools Research. The image to the left shows how a sample of readers actually viewed the page.

The short version? The top half works well. The bottom half doesn’t. As Eyetools says, the top half “is heavily viewed and read (more so than some other news sites). Good use of line-spacing and white-space. People even scroll. Job well done!” But when it comes to the lower portions, “ineffective line-height spacing and lack of white-space reduce reading. Most of the content is being missed and there is no consistent guidance of eyes to section headings.”

In another post, Eyetools also asks about whether the Post realizes the cost of the poor design of the lower half. Our guess is that they do — now.