Would You Respond to an Ad With Your Cell Phone?


Publicis Groupe’s VivaKi Ventures and mobile media company Mobile Discovery are creating a new media research and management unit, MediaPost reports, that will focus on learning how to leverage existing cell phones to “measure and engage” with other media.

That sounds abstract, so let’s break it down first. The Reston, Va.-based Mobile Discovery will offer its new Connected Media Platform, which lets consumers respond to any kind of media—including print or broadcast—via their cell phones.

If customers do this, they could end up with a second mobile ad sent back to them later on, all in the name of generating extra sales. It could potentially let someone find out more about an ad they’re staring at using the one device they already have with them at all times, as if it were a mobile version of the “Would You Like to Know More?” interactive TV ads in Starship Troopers (pictured, above). But frankly, it sounds like advertising overload to us.