Would You Quit Facebook for 5 Months for $200?

Let’s face it, Facebook can be fun, but it’s also kind of a headache. It’s been years since it was a place for hanging out with your real life friends online, as it is mainly being used by your parents and your friend from elementary school who you barely remember.

And with privacy rules that are always changing and Facebook selling you out to advertisers all the time, is it really worth spending hours a day with?

One teenager in Boston has decided to temporarily quit the social network and her father is rewarding her idea. Energy consultant Paul Baier is paying his fourteen year-old daughter $200 to quit using Facebook for five months. According to their, “Facebook Deactivation Agreement” (pictured left), Baier paid his daughter $50 as a down payment to stop using Facebook through June, when he will pay her $150 if she makes good on the contract. The contract was her idea. According to the terms, she plans to use the money for “stuff.”