Would you Pay for a Retweet?

What is the value of a retweet? While most people would say they can’t answer that question, the folks at reTweet.it think they know the magic number. For a small fee, reTweet.it says they will get you anywhere between 35 and 200 retweets – but be careful what you wish for, as paying for retweets might not be a good idea.

Retweet.it offers free and purchased retweets to anyone interested in getting their tweets in front of more eyeballs. They sell 35 tweets for $10, 80 for $20, all the way up to 200 for $40. And users can earn Retweet Credits by retweeting other’s tweets, referring friends, and other activities on the site.

The company says that all users who retweet must have at least 50 followers to ensure that the retweets will be seen, however, it looks like there are no other rules than this governing who can and cannot retweet.

To be honest, we’re not big fans of gaming any system, and this sounds like a bit of false advertising to us. Twitter is supposed to filter out the flops through the community – those tweets that aren’t getting retweeted aren’t getting retweeted for a reason. We can envision a pile of spam finding easy targets and spreading quite far using a service like reTweet.it. And, we’re not sure if selling retweets would be acceptable under Twitter’s Terms of Service or Rules.

On the other hand, Promoted Products basically do the same thing: get more interaction (retweets, links clicked etc.) for a Promoted Tweet. However, this is the officially-endorsed marketing vehicle coming straight from Twitter, while reTweet.it has no affiliation.

So the big question is… would you pay for a retweet?

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