Worth Repeating: Ira Silverberg on Fatherhood

transomIRA.jpgThe NYO talks to new father (in the David Crosby manner of fatherhood), superstar literary agent Ira Silverberg, and in the process manages to explain a certain facebook update we came across the other day.

Last Friday, noted literary agent Ira Silverberg welcomed a son into the world. It is the second child to be born of his seed; the mothers are two, let us say, “literary” women who live in the West Village.

But why Mr. Silverberg? For one, he’s got a great head of hair. Some have said he looks like Richard Gere; others, Dustin Hoffman. Mr. Morris calls him the “Jewish Richard Gere.”

Still, it’s a question Mr. Silverberg has pondered himself. “Look at me — I’m like this pushy Jewish faggot working in books,” he said. “They’re kind of looking at a whole lot of personality in that sperm.”

The only problem is heteros now think he’s more “normal.” “Somehow it makes you less queer, which sucks. I’m like, ‘Thank you, I’m as queer as I was before I masturbated into a cup.'”